Our carpets are important furnishing of our home, and we invest quite a lot of money to have a good one. Carpets give us that extra comfort that we usually crave when we are away from home. Carpets also provide a feeling of luxury, as it improves the overall appearance of our interiors.

With the investment we have paid for our carpet and also the benefits they give us, it is important for us to prolong their lives and get the maximum out from them. Prolonging the life of our carpets doesn’t involve any magic, all it takes is consistency and commitment from us. Here is a list of how to make your carpet last.


1. Vacuum Often and Properly

One of the commitment if you have to take when having a carpet is to vacuum it often and properly. Doing this commitment will surely prolong your carpet’s life. Dust and dirt are its number one enemy, and if you vacuum it often, the dust and dirt will not settle deeply, which makes it harder to remove. If you have kids at home, you should vacuum at least twice a week, and if you have kids and pets, you should vacuum at least thrice a week.

2. Keep the Dirt Out

As mentioned, dirt and dust is the number one enemy of our carpets. There are several ways to keep the dirt out, which is very important to make your carpet last. One method is to establish a rule in your household that all footwears like shoes and sandals should be left outside. Buy a pair of slippers for each member of your household, for them to wear inside the home.

Another way to keep the dirt out is to have a rug waiting on your doorstep. The rug’s role would be to filter the dirt and dust that came from outside. The rug would considerably reduce dirt and dust that comes inside your home.

3. Rotate your Furniture

One clever way to maintain the good condition of your carpets is to rotate your furniture. Aside from dirt and dust, what ruins our carpet is the constant wear and tear it receives from foot traffic. When we rotate our furniture, we create new pathways, and we expose different areas of carpets to use. Because if the placement of our furniture remains static, a certain surface of our carpet would certainly wear off quickly, giving an ugly and uneven look.

4. Clean Stains Immediately

When someone stains your carpet with liquid or from food, don’t clean it as soon as possible, clean it immediately! When you leave stains for later, it would settle in the fabric of the carpet and will become stubborn to remove.

5. Hire Professionals

No matter how we stay dedicated to the maintenance of our carpets, we would still face times where we are just too busy to clean our carpets. During this times, you can ask help from professional cleaners, which can be contacted here www.edmcarpetcleaning.ca It is wise to hire these professionals at least a couple of occasions in a year, or several more times if you prefer because these professionals know their trade and they will certainly do the best possible treatment your carpet will ever receive from you.