Hedges and shrubs require regular maintenance. You can ask a tree care expert to help you with these or you can do it yourself, if you know who to do it. But then again, hiring a professional who is very proficient in trimming and pruning shrubs bushes, and hedges is what you really want to do.


If you are being your own gardener, then you may think of putting of the job of trimming those shrubs and hedges. That’s not good practice because you want them trimmed away while they’re young so that they grow full and strong.

When the shrubs are older, that’s when you just do minor pruning every year. If let allow young shrubs to overgrow, then you can expect more frequent major pruning. Remember that pruning hedges and shrubs regularly helps promote the plant’s health and allows them to bloom better.

How to Do It Yourself

If you’re keen in learning how to do some pruning in your garden, then the first thing that you have to do is gather up all the tools that you need. If you think that a gardener’s job is simple, think again. For starters, they have to learn how to use tools such as hand-held pruners, small curved says, and pruning loppers. Those are just for hedge trimming jobs. For other jobs in your garden, you may need separate set of tools.

The pruning shears comes in different designs but generally, they can be classified under two groups. These are anvil pruning shears and the bypass pruning shears. Needless to say, you have to know how to use these tools. Bypass pruning shears are used if you want to cut smaller branches. These shears can also fit in tighter spaces.

The anvil shears, on the other hand, are the more powerful tools. These can cut branches up to two inches thick. If you need to cut thicker branches, then that’s where you use the small pruning saw. Given their uses, you have to make sure that all your pruning tools are sharp before use.

For hedge trimming, different sets of tools are used. You’ll need either the manual hedge shears or the power hedge trimmer. Either way, you want to use either of these because they can give you an even cut.

Learning How to Cut Shrubs and Hedges

Now that you have your tools, you should be ready to learn how to how trim hedges, bushes, and shrubs. You usually start by removing all diseased, dead, and damaged branches. Once that’s done, take a step back and look at the branches. That’s when you decide which branches must go to get the shape and size that you prefer.

There are different techniques to trimming branches and those are the reasons why you want to hire a professional to do the job. If you need help with hedge trimming Ottawa, there certainly are a handful of expert service providers who can help you with it. Simply find them and request their services. Invite the service provider for a cup of coffee after they’re done working and you may just learn the tricks of the trade straight from them.