Parenting comes with lots of responsibilities and challenges. Many people who have children to fend for often get so much absorbed in day-to-day activities. Between rushing from school to work, running errands and attending to house chores, parents can easily overlook the importance of spending quality time with kids. After a long day, most people simply want to collapse in bed, watch their favorite TV show, have a long bath or relax in other ways. However, creating some “alone time” with your child or children is more important than you may think.


Reasons Parents Should Spend Quality Time with Kids

quality time with kids

When working so hard to provide your children with a roof over their heads, access to good health care, and a decent education, sacrificing whatever little free time you have for yourself to give them undivided attention can seem unfair. On the plus side, spending quality time with your children can be beneficial in the following ways.

#1: It is an Opportunity Let Children Know They Matter

Many studies have found that children are more likely to develop emotional and behavioral problems if they don’t get adequate parenting. In one survey, Gregory Elliott, a Sociology Professor at Brown University, found that adolescents who felt that they mattered were less likely to demonstrate violent tendencies toward other family members. Investing time and resources in teens was one of the main topics used in the survey to determine whether the respondents felt like they mattered to their family.

So, it is a proven fact that children feel valued when parents spend time with them. Stirring up this positive emotion helps children build a strong self-esteem and become well-adjusted members of society.

#2: Parents Get a Chance to Instill Good Values and Behavior

Children often pick up behaviors from people who are around them. Sometimes what they learn from a babysitter or any other person might not sit well with you as a parent. However, you can teach them good values, morals and behavior by spending more quality time together.

#3:  Help Children Grow and Better Themselves

If you spend plenty of quality time with your kids, you’ll begin to know their potential. This allows you to help them grow by improving on their weaknesses and building on their strengths.

#4: The Child Gets an Opportunity to Open Up

By having one-on-one sessions with your children, you give them a chance to voice their thoughts and feelings. Small kids or teenagers have many things they would want to talk about with their parents while growing up. Even adult children appreciate a sympathetic ear when they just want to vent out. By creating time to listen and talk with your children, you get a chance to offer sound advice and moral support.

#5: Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond

When a parent is always around to help, be it with schoolwork, extracurricular activities, hobbies or work life, it becomes easy to develop a close relationship with their child. Once you have that strong bond with a loved one, this helps to build trust and even memories that will last a lifetime. For large families, it is important to make sure both parents spend individual time with each child.

Where to Start if You Want to Spend More Quality Time with Your Kids

From having family dinners, helping with homework, and attending school plays or games, to sharing hobbies, trips and entertainment experiences, there are numerous ways to for parents to spend quality time with kids. Whatever activity of your child’s life you decide to be involved in, first determine if it can fit into your schedule. Try to engage in the chosen activities the same time every week in order to create a routine. You can make small adjustments until you develop a routine that works for your family. Remember, spending more quality time together is an integral part of raising happy children that feel loved.